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Photos of Yak Hides

Winter yak hide (very soft) from a yak cow.

Large hide from a yak bull

Yak Recipes

Yak recipe links:

2013 Heifer (SOLD)

Name:  Minnie Mae

Type:  Imperial

Birth Date:  6/28/2013

Sire:  Q007 James Bond  Dame:  D028 Miracle

Details:  Minnie Mae was imprinted at birth and thinks she is people.  She is large, as Miracle’s other calves tend to be.


2013 Heifer

Name:  Lillie

Type:  Trim

Birth Date:  5/12/2013

Sire:  Q007 James Bond  Dame: Lydia

Details:  Lillie is a large trim yak and will produce large offspring.

Yearling Heifer

Name:  Violet

Type:  Trim

Birth Date:  5/25/2012

Sire:  Q007 James Bond  Dame:  Valentine

Details:  Tame and loves attention.  Would make a great pasture pet.