About Mesa View Yak Ranch


Mesa View Yak Ranch is located near Dolores, Colorado at an altitude of 7000 feet. We are near the ‘Four Corners’ and can see four states from our ranch. The location and altitude combine to produce a moderate climate that is ideal, not only for raising yaks, but also for growing the hay that we feed during the winter. We currently have a herd of 18 yaks that we are raising for breeding stock, fiber production, pack animals, and meat.

Mesa_View_Yak_Ranch_irrigatingFor seven to eight months of the year our yaks graze on a combination of irrigated pasture and native dry land grasses. When the winter snows come we feed grass hay that we raise here at the ranch. Mesa_View_Yak_Ranch_hay-balerThroughout the year we supplement the grass feed with a small amount of salted grain to provide additional nutrients that benefit their overall health. Feeding the grain regularly also helps keep the yaks friendly and easy to train and handle.